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Richard´s interview

We are Kevin and Clara (2ºESO) and we’re going to interview Richard Gray, our English language assistant. He’s from England and he is here to help us with our English classes. We are going to ask him about his time here in Spain.


[Clara]- Hello, we’re gonna ask you a few questions about your time in Spain.

[Rich] – OK, fire away!

[Kevin] – Why did you choose to come to Spain?

[Rich] –  I’d chosen to come to Spain because I traveled to South America before university and became interested in learning Spanish. So I came to Spain to try and learn some Spanish. I also wanted a little time out before beginning work.

 [Kevin] – Is the way we study in Spain very different to the way you studied in England?

-I can’t remember, it is a long time ago! We had to wear a school uniform with a shirt, tie and blazer and a separate sports uniform for P.E. Our school day was also different as we started at 9 o`clock and finished at 4 o`clock with 1 hour and 15 minutes for lunchtime. No make-up for the girls and we called our teachers `Sir` and `Miss`, not `Profe!`!

[Clara] – So do you like how we have classes?

[Rich] –  Yeah, I am enjoying it loads. Of course there are a few naughty students who always cause trouble but that is normal.Sometimes you talk over the top of each other in class and that can be frustrating!

[Kevin] – What was your life like in England? What did you use to do at the weekends?

[Rich] –  Well, I enjoy playing sport a lot and so my weekends were usually busy with this. Saturday mornings have always been for Rugby, ever since I was 10 years old. I also enjoyed meeting with my friends to play football in the park or escape the boring country and go to the city of Sheffield.

[Clara] – What do you miss the most from England?

[Rich] –  Well I have to say my family and friends of course but they are only a telephone call away so I don´t mind so much. I definitely wouldn´t say I miss the British weather but I do actually quite miss sitting in a nice cosy pub with a pint, watching the rain and wind outside.

[Kevin] – Did you live in a town or a city?  What was it called and where was it?

[Rich] –  I come from a small market town called Bakewell in the middle of England, about one hour from Manchester. It is in a national park and the countryside is very beautiful and so can become very busy at the weekends which I don´t like. People come to look around the market on a Monday, walk in the country or to try one of the famous ´Bakewell Puddings´ (delicious!)

[Clara] – Did you have a job before you came here?

[Rich] –  I finished university last June and so I spent the summer working in a temporary job near to London. University in England is quite expensive and although my parents helped to pay for it, I still had some debts to pay so I had to work over the summer before coming here.

[Kevin] – What did you study?

[Rich] –  I studied Electronic Engineering at the University of Durham which is in the cold north of England, near to Newcastle.

[Clara] – What do you prefer about life in England to that of Spain?

[Rich] –  I prefer the food in the Spain big time and the way of eating it (Tapas was a great invention) but at the same time I miss the food of England. It has also been nice to live in a country that isn´t covered in cloud all of time but also again I sometimes miss being in a warm house with a storm and rain outside.

[Kevin] – So you like Spain then?

[Rich] –  Yeah I love it although of course I miss the things that I am used to big home.

[Clara]- What is the worst food that you have eaten in Spain so far?

[Rich] –   The worst food I have eaten is Pigs ears, and that was only because Sara, your English teacher, made me.

[Clara] – What activities are you doing in Spain?

[Rich] –  Well, I think Spanish study should be my biggest activity but in reality I never do my homework! I train sometimes with the Rugby club here in Soto on a Friday night which is a lot of fun and have just recently joined a cycling club in Madrid. With this and exploring Madrid city, I am quite busy.

[Kevin] – Are you married? Do you have children?

[Rich] –  Blimey! No and no! I am only 23!

[Clara] – What sports do you like or play?

[Rich] –  I like to play rugby although not very much now because I always got injured. I like to cycle also and have joined a cycling club in Madrid which is great fun also.

[Kevin] – How long are you in Spain for?

[Rich] –  Well, I am not sure yet. I will be assisting in the school here until the end of May but I would like to stay in Spain for the summer also. I have to be back in England for October to start life in the “Real World” as an Engineer so until then I would like to make the most of my freedom!

[Clara] – Do you smoke?

[Rich] –  No

[Kevin] – What do you like about Spain?

[Rich] –  I like the food particularly jamón Serrano and tortilla, combine the two and I am drooling at the mouth! The people have been very friendly but the weather has been pretty disappointing. Where is all the warm weather us Brits are famous for coming here for?

[Kevin] – What do you prefer, Spain or America?

[Rich] –  I have not been to America and so prefer Spain but do not have much ambition to go in the near future.

Thank you very much for your time, Rich, it was a pleasure to know a bit more about you! We hope you enjoy the rest of your time here in Madrid and in our school.


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